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Pest Control Vancouver Washington

Sitting due North of Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington boasts some of the best hiking and fishing areas around SW Washington.

Because it lies along a free-flowing river, with many streams, there is a massive population of insects in the area.
Now, this is awesome for the ecosystem, but when they invade your home - they can cause quite the disaster.

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That is where we come in. PDX Pest Control serves the Vancouver & Portland Metro areas. From Amboy, Battle Ground, and Camas all the way to La Center, Washougal, and Woodland.

Due to its damp climate, there are many different kinds of pests that thrive in the region. 

The usual invaders we see are:

  • Ants - The most devastating is the Carpenter Ant. They can tear through your home like termites on steroids.
  • Bees - Most bees are beneficial to the environment and participate in the pollination of more than 25% of the food in the US. This is why it is important that if they need to be moved they are done so by professionals.
  • Box Elders - In the Pacific Northwest, we have the Western Box Elder Bug. They typically feed on leaves, but can be quite a nuisance as well. They can't exactly harm humans physically, however, they sure can take over a home.
  • Cockroaches - Cockroaches have recently become more prevalent in the Pacific Northwest as more people have moved here from the Southern states and carried them along (unknowingly). They are not a huge concern for residential homes in Vancouver but pose a serious problem for commercial properties.
  • Fleas - Fleas can overwhelm you and especially your four-legged family members. They like to lay their eggs on animals and an infestation can spread like wildfire if not taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Mice & Rats - These rodents are a serious issue to both residential and commercial properties in Vancouver. They can nest in your home or warehouse without you even knowing. Over time their droppings can become toxic. They are also a vector for disease... Ever heard of the plague?
  • Moles - Do have acreage or a garden? If you do then you are already well aware of how moles can dig up your property. They burrow underground and create long tunnels underneath your property.
  • Silverfish - They love damp dark areas and usually make their nests within homes. They do this for the same reasons spiders do, during the winter, when it is cold, the heat coming from the home will shield them from freezing.
  • Spiders - As previously mentioned, spiders can become a huge problem for homeowners. The can take over a home in a matter of weeks. The peak times in which you will see them is in the fall when you turn the heat back on in your house. They are attracted to the heat and set up shop.
  • Termites - The Formosan Termite is one of the more aggressive subterranean termites, and plagues the Pacific Northwest.
  • Wasps & Yellowjackets - Don't be fooled. Although the Wasp is less aggressive than the Yellowjacket, they can still do some serious damage. The major difference between the two is that wasps have longer legs.

Bed Bugs Vancouver Wa

Bed bugs have recently become a terror in Vancouver. In fact, according to, the amount of bed bug jobs have quadrupled. 

They can infest your home in no time. They love human blood and you will normally find bed bug bites around your ankles and legs. They feed for short periods of about 10 minutes, then retreat back to their nests and multiply.

What do we do?

We will come over and inspect your home or property. We check all areas of your home for possible infestations or areas that may be at risk. We then discuss with you, the homeowner, what the process moving forward should be. Together we will develop a treatment plan. 

Inspect + Treat Protect + Guarantee

Pests driving you crazy? Get in touch with one of our professionals now! We offer a FREE home inspection.