We have a lot of clients who started with the DIY pest control, but after the copious amounts of Raid used in their home they find themselves still under attack.

If this is you, know you are not alone! Many homeowners try the latest contraptions and organic remedies to try and fight the onslaught.

In fact, if you would like more information on how to “Do-it-yourself” check out this website.
However, if you are the type who does not want to crawl under your home, deal with creepy-crawlies all over your body, or need to calculate the correct amount of chemicals needed for the job don’t worry. We are here for you.


Robin G. in Salem, OR | Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
"Fast service, Richard was very nice and professional. Had 3 visits to make sure mice were under control. Thank you Richard."

Tracy M. in Salem, OR | Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
"Richard was prompt, even called to see if he could come a day early on one of our appointments. He was very informative and discussed everything thoroughly with me at the appointments. The treatments he is using for rodent (rats/mice) is very effective. He will come out between visits to pick up dead rats, restock poison and reset traps. Right now he is coming out weekly. I had another company for the past year and they weren't finding any rats even though I was seeing them in the garage and hearing them under the house. I just hired Pdx last week and they've already found more rats than the previous company found in a year. Richard also treated the house perimeter for insects when he came out today. I highly recommend Pdx for rodents, spiders and ants."

Randy L. in Monmouth, OR | Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"The pest guy showed up on time. He knew what he was doing and communicated well with us."

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We know and love Salem and the surrounding area because we were born and raised here. That is why we strive to take care of the community like it’s our own... Because it is!

When you work with local small businesses, such as us, you know your money will stay with your neighbors and support the local economy.

The Salem metro area is known for its invasive bed bug, rodent, and spider populations, but have no fear - we can help you with these problems. We also have treatments available for ant control, as well as, wasp removal.

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