The blood sucking spawn of the underworld... The Mosquito!

They are annoying to hear buzzing around your ear, and even worse to have to deal with their bite.

In case you've been locked in a box your entire life. A mosquito is a tiny flying insect with a big bite. They will crunch down on you and leave you itching for days. The itch that overtakes you, once bitten by a mosquito, is from the dirty saliva that is left over (pretty nasty). They are around an eighth to three-quarters of an inch long. There's a few thousand species of mosquitos in the world and around two hundred here in the US. 

What does this mean to you? Not much - they all suck (pun intended)!

The females are the blood-suckers. They suck the blood of animals, like us Humans, to feed their eggs. Both the males and females actually live off of nectar and sugar plants. There are a few distinct characteristics that differentiate the males and females.

  • The first one being, males don't suck the life out of you like the females do!
  • Now there are a few species of females that only live off nectar and sugar, but that doesn;t change anything.
  • The female proboscis, the long needle looking nose/mouth, is smooth. While the males' bushy, sort of like a beard. Only not.
  • The males have bushier hair that comes off their antenna, while the females are more streamlined.
  • The males are smaller, bushier, and have a shorter lifespan.
  • The females are smoother, bigger, and will snatch your soul.

The mosquito has an uncanny ability to ruin just about any family outing. They are homewreckers and destroyers of Barbeques, bonfires, nature walks, and any outdoor get-together. You could literally be outside for 3 seconds and have been bitten by a mosquito (I can attest to that). Everyone knows how irritating, frustrating, and annoying mosquitos and their bites are. These nasty suckers are also vectors for major diseases, such as West Nile, Malaria, and the Zika Virus.

That's why we came up with the proprietary nuclear option! Just press the red button and you'll never see another mosquito again!

Okay! So we lied, we do not have a nuclear option, but we have other options at our disposal. 

Mosquito Extermination & Prevention

The first thing to do is to understand the mosquito. 

The males use their bushy antenna to find the females. They mate with them and afterward the females seek out an animal to extract blood from for her eggs. She will then find a standing pool of water to lay them in. The number of eggs may vary, but can be upwards of one hundred from a single female. The wigglers hatch and swim around the pool of water until they transform into pupae, the pupae then turn into adult mosquitos and exit the water. They sit on top of the water while they harden (it takes a lot to go from swimming to flying).

What this tells us is that they spend a decent amount of time in standing water. That means if you have puddles, buckets of water, even plant dishes that hold water, mosquitos will take advantage of them. So get rid of them. Remove any still standing forms of water in which mosquito offspring can grow. You may also want to look into tightening any loose plumbing or outside hoses that leak water. Well, you should do this anyways. A lot of different pests besides mosquitos are drawn by wet damp areas (carpenter ants, Formosan termites, etc).

The most obvious way to treat any mosquito menace you have is by reducing the amount of water around your property. Neighboring properties as well, if at all possible. While this is the long-term strategy, the short term involves a chemical component. 

To learn more about this, you will need to speak with a professional who has taken a look at your very specific situation. Thye must look at the ecology, the species, and so many other factors. Some chemical products may be applied to areas where mosquitoes are known to rest during the hot, daylight hours. Or chemicals applied to certain areas where water is known to condense.

You will want to help out by removing any yard debris, stacked lumber, or any heavy weighted objects that have no use. These are perfect spots for mosquitos to rest and breed. These are also the perfect spot for other pests like mice, rats, and spiders.

The tall tale signs you have a mosquito infestation... If you see a ton of mosquitos, you have an infestation. What do I mean by a ton? Well, if you go outside and get bit 5 times in an hour, you have a problem. Make sure you pay attention to those family members who have been bitten. Some people will have allergic reactions to different species of mosquito. Remember that they are leaving behind their mucousy saliva after the bite into you.

What do we do?

We will come over and inspect your home or property. We check all areas of your home for possible infestations or areas that may be at risk. We then discuss with you, the homeowner, what the process moving forward should be. Together we will develop a treatment plan. 

Inspect + Treat + Protect + Guarantee

Are Mosquitos trying to ruin your summer? Get in touch with one of our professionals now! We offer a FREE home inspection.

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