Gresham Pest Control

Did you know Gresham was originally called Powell's Valley? Named after the two brothers who settled here. Probably how Powell BLVD got its name... I digress.

Bugs! Yes, the slimy, icky, creepy-crawlies that are infesting homes throughout America. Research shows they destroy at least one family a day - sad really.

Well say no more, we are here to help you take back your homes America! We have the most technologically advanced pest eradicating equipment. 

We know what it is like to lose loved ones to 
pest warfare. That is why we have created solutions that will take care of any kind of pest you can think about.

If you live in Gresham Oregon, here is the Pests Watch List:

Bed bugs - These bugs not only make you cringe, but they will nibble at your legs and ankles until you have scratched them to the bone.

Spiders - Everyone knows about spiders. The create webs of lies that will overwhelm your home. Ever noticed, in the fall, when you turn the heater back on a billion spiders show up? That is because they are attracted to the heat signatures.

Ants - More annoying than anything. Although they are great at cleaning up the place, they always take it too far and end up eating you out of house and home. Literally, the carpenter antwill eat through the wood in your house like it was cake at a birthday.

Fleas- Similar to the bed bug, the flea will not only bite away at you and leave you irritated to death. But will also lay eggs on your or your animals. You could have yourself a full on frontal assault within a matter of weeks.

Rats - The there's this one. You know the guy who carried the plague around Europe? Yeah, him! If you see one, just remember he has a lot of friends and probably already has about 30 babies in your house.

Ticks - These suckers. Literally - they burrow their nasty face in your skin and suck your blood. Now tell me that doesn't give you the shivers!

Silverfish - You will probably never notice them, and if you do you most likely already have an infestation. They like to eat leaves and mulch (they're vegan like that). But they will dig under and around your foundation. Over time they could, quite possibly, but very unlikely, topple your home!

Wasps/Yellowjackets - Well known for their flying, buzzing, and stinging nobody likes wasps or yellowjackets... Seriously, nobody does.

Termites- Termites can cost you a pretty penny. It is smart to keep an eye out for these guys. They will outflank you by digging tunnels that come up right under your home. Then they'll start munching away at your foundation. 

Cockroaches - They can survive a nuclear winter. You can't trust that! Pretty much like aliens that live amongst us.

Gresham is known for its Bed Bug and Spider populations. The longer you wait, the bigger problem they are to deal with. Don't become another statistic! We can help.

What do we do?

We will come over and inspect your home or property. We check all areas of your home for possible infestations or areas that may be at risk. We then discuss with you, the homeowner, what the process moving forward should be. Together we will develop a treatment plan. 

Inspect + Treat + Protect + Guarantee

Are pests destroying your family?Get in touch with one of our professionals now! We offer an in-home inspection. 


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