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Fleas love to make a meal out of you, your family, and your pets. We get rid of them for good - Our goal is to have it done right the first time, but if more treatments are needed then we will be there.

Flea Bites


We stay one step ahead of fleas - You should too.

Warm temperatures are well suited for flea development and reproduction. Flea control is challenging, especially in warmer areas. These kinds of conditions spur the reproductive cycle and an infestation. This is why you see a spike in flea activity around the summer time months.

A single female flea can lay up to 18 eggs a day! They will usually choose your pet as a host. Fleas laying and hatching on a daily basis can lead to a huge amount of flea bites to your family and yourself. Don't live in discomfort - we can help.

We look for locations and activity that make your home a target for fleas. We will treat the problem, as well as provide you with up-to-date tips and tricks to protect your loved ones from future invasions.

Fleas are more than simply an annoyance to you and your pet. In fact, both humans and pets suffer from flea bites. Fleas can carry dog tapeworm, as well as rodent tapeworm. This can be especially harmful to children and can infest your entire home. There is a slew of other diseases fleas can carry - including the plague!

This is why it is important to have a professional outfitted to search and destroy these pests. Protect your family and get back to living.

FREE Flea Inspection: One of our experts will determine the extent of the problem by inspecting your pets, house, and entry points, such as attics and crawl spaces.

Do this first: Flea pre-treatment

Flea treatments will not be as effective if the home is not prepared properly. 

Flea Pre-Treatment Checklist:

  • Pick up all items off the floors (i.e., clothes, toys, pet beds, etc.).
  • Clean your pet's bedding or think about getting a replacement (especially if you have outside bedding).
  • Vacuum your entire home. Make sure you get under rugs, couches, and beds.
  • Clean all wood, tile, concrete, and linoleum floors.
  • Thoroughly clean areas where pets sleep, lay, and/or stay.
  • Arrange for your family and your pets to be out of the home for several hours. Treatments take some time to activate and dry. 

Flea Treatment

A PDX pest professional will inspect and assess your home for any possible infestation or problem areas. We will then develop an intelligent plan to deal with the issue.
If you do have an infestation your entire home should be treated with a residual treatment plan, in conjunction with an insect growth regulator.

  • Outdoor treatments are typically applied to shaded areas, beneath shrubs and decks where pets rest or sleep.

Flea Pet Treatment

Because fleas like to live on your pets, it is critical to the treatment plan to regularly groom and clean your pet with flea control products.
You will need to arrange for treating any pets. Best case scenario - done at the same time that the home is being treated. There are quite a few different on-animal products available, however, any pet treatments should be done under the direction of a veterinarian - Consult your veterinarian.

Year-Round Treatment Plan 

Know that controlling flea infestations can be difficult. This may require additional or periodic visits, especially if you have pets. Keeping fleas away is a process. We will discuss additional treatments with you, as well as give you advice on the best pet and yard care to help keep fleas from jumping back into your life.

What do we do?

We will come over and inspect your home or property. We check all areas of your home for possible infestations or areas that may be at risk. We then discuss with you, the homeowner, what the process moving forward should be. Together we will develop a treatment plan. 

Inspect + Treat + Protect + Guarantee

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